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Terms and conditions

Form for unilateral termination

Online Dispute Resolution


On the terms and conditions of business apply to valid Consumer Protection Act at the time of contract signing, which at the moment is considered acceptance of the customer order by the seller.

1 Purchase and collection products
Goods can be ordered via the website Internet domain Internet Services in a predictable way and there are irrevocable of payments on current account vendor in Zagrebacka Banka IBAN HR0923600001102475824.
Seller is not in the VAT system, according to Art. 90 of the Law on VAT, and VAT is not charged. The currency is the Croatian kuna (HRK).
The goods are delivered at prices valid on the date of payment regardless of the delivery date.
If the buyer refuses to accept the correct and undamaged goods ordered, the seller is entitled to claim from the customer reimbursement of all handling charges associated with the delivery.
Buyer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of data entered during the user registration and purchase products. E-mail that you register is the sole communication path between buyer and seller and must be accurate and in use.
Each product is shown by photos of tea. Photo is for information purposes only and does not have technical reasons, 100% for the product in kind.
For each product is given a description of the composition, origin and instructions for the preparation according to the manufacturer.
With some products it was stated that according to the manufacturer's declaration of organic farming. Procedure was carried out by an authorized certifier in the country of the manufacturer.
With each product states that it contains potential allergens.

2. Delivery
Terms and conditions of delivery
Delivery time for the Republic of Croatia is 3-5 working days, for abroad 7-10 working days, except for the goods that the buyer has specifically notified of delivery. The deadline for delivery starting from the day when Internet seller receives customer payment on their current account. Delivery of goods ordered by the Croatian Post paid by the buyer to the price list of Croatian post office, except for goods worth over 300,00 kuna when shipping cost paid by the seller.

Other terms of delivery
Goods will be packaged so that the usual manipulation of the transport can not be damaged. The buyer is obliged in retrieving the goods to check for any damage and immediately advertise the caterer who supplied goods or reject to take package that has been visible external damage. If the buyer, after the goods have been sent, the expected time does not receive the goods or notice of delivery, has a duty to notify the seller in order to undertake search of the consignment.

3. Payment
Ordered goods buyer can pay a one-time payment to the transaction account of the seller in Zagrebacka Banka IBAN HR0923600001102475824 slip or internet banking.

4. Exchange of goods, complaint / return
The customer can replace the purchased goods within 14 days of receipt of the delivery address. Internet seller agrees to replace the advertised goods with the same or similar goods of the same characteristics of price and quality grade within 14 days of receipt of the request. The buyer is obliged to deliver the goods advertised in the undamaged original packaging. Goods with visible defects, the goods is used, the quantity of goods which is not identical to the amount of delivered goods, goods that the buyer has tried to remodel, goods which have been damaged due to improper storage and handling, and the goods without the original packaging can not be replaced. Seller will approve the return of goods to the buyer after reasonable complaints received exclusively in writing through a web form for complaint. In case of return of goods which are not caused failure of the seller, the buyer shall bear all handling charges incurred.

5. Cancellation of the contract
The buyer can cancel the contract without giving reasons for doing so within fourteen (14) working days. The deadline to cancel the contract shall run from the date the customer received the goods. The buyer must notify the seller of the cancellation of the contract in writing by mail to the seller This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The contract is considered canceled when the seller receives written notice. In case of cancellation of the contract the buyer is obligated to their cost of returning the goods dealer within 7 days of cancellation of the contract. Goods returned by the customer dealer must be complete, in the original sealed packaging. At cancellation of the contract and recall is not possible cash on delivery.

6. Form for unilateral termination
Form for unilateral termination of the contract can be found here.

In addition to the rights defined by the Terms of operations , according to the rules of the EU Directive have the right to cancel and return the order within 14 days, for any reason and explanation . Get to know your rights on the following link : https : //

Buyer will be answered in a timely manner and in accordance with the rules nažećim company Adela Natural . Responsibility for material defects will be resolved in accordance with the provisions on consumer protection , the Law on Obligations and other applicable regulations. Special EU legislation of  02/15/2016 . throughout the EU disputes related to Internet purchase will be solved through the ODR platform which can be accessed here . This means that if you encounter a problem during online purchases within the EU ( a defective product , the impossibility of replacing the product , etc . ) , You can submit a complaint at the above link . Platform can be used by consumers and traders , a complaint can be filed in any of the 23 official EU languages ​​.

Adela Natural j.d.o.o.Ivana Mažuranića 48, 10340 Vrbovec,CROATIA
Store/Warehouse: Maksimirska 115, 10000 Zagreb, CROATIA
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
INFO PHONE: 00385 (0) 99 / 8563343
OIB: 63864286046
MB: 4370996, COMMERCIAL BANK: Zagrebačka Banka dd., IBAN HR0923600001102475824

Registered at the Commercial Court in Zagreb, under number 080964359Share capital 10,00 kn paid in full.IBAN: HR0923600001102475824, opened in Zagrebacka banka dd


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