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Herbal teas

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 Brazilian Green Mate Herbal Tea 22475
Brazilian green mate herbal tea Mate is a plant that grows as a shrub or a small tree . Thrives in ..
100% Aronia bio tea 100 g 550
100% Aronia bio tea 100 g   Clean dried berries of aronia from ecological breeding without le..
Anis Seed Whole, Herbal Tea 82134
Anis whole seeds   Anis is a pleasant , sweet smell and taste. It contains essential oils tha..
Chamomile flower 50g 024
Chamomile flower 50g   Chamomile give the healing properties of flavonoids, glycosides, resin..
Elder flower 50g 026
Elder flower 50g Elder is a medicinal plant a wide range of actions that can help with asthma a..
Green Mate Herbal Tea 82132
Green Mate Herbal tea   Mate in South America called the "drink of the god" or "green gold of..
Lemon balm leaf 50g 025
Lemon balm leaf 50g   Curative effect of balm: helps with depression and stress, reduces..
Mint leaf 50g 023
Mint leaf 50g   Mint has long been known to soothe the digestive tract, reduces pain in the s..
Nettle leaf 50g 027
Nettle leaf 50g   Nettle in itself has very many vitamins and minerals. From nettle contain..
Pomegranate peeled herbal tea 22908
Pomegranate peeled herbal tea   Pomegranate is a shrub that can grow to five meters high. The..

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