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dried fruits

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Banana chips 100 g 021
Banana chips 100 g   Ingredients: dried banana slices with honey and sugar. Banana 70%, cocon..
18.00kn 15.30kn
Cranberry100g 016
Cranberry 100g   Ingridients: dried cranberries, sugar, acidity regulator, citric acid E330, ..
10.00kn 8.50kn
Dried pineapple 100 g 022
Dried pineapple 100 g   Ingredients: Pineapple 47%, sugar, acidity regulator, citric acid (E3..
12.00kn 10.20kn
Dry plums 200g 014
Dry plums 200g   Ingredients: dried plums pitted, vegetable oil (coconut oil and palm kernel ..
21.00kn 17.85kn
Ginger pieces 100g 017
Ginger pieces 100g   Ingredients: Ginger 50.99%, sugar 49%, preservative E223, 0.01%.  V..
15.00kn 12.75kn
Papaya dried 100g 004
Papaya dried 100g   Ingredients: papaya 65%, sugar, preservative E220. Vacuum.  Differe..
12.00kn 10.20kn
Pumpkin seeds 100g 020
Pumpkin seeds 100g   Ingridients: pumpkin seeds, salt. May contain traces of other nuts ..
12.00kn 10.20kn

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