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About us

We are confident that the rich variety of teas most of which are from organic farming , vegetable teas and herbs that offers Adela Natural everyone can find tea to your taste from China, Japan, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, South Africa, Brazil, Sudan and Germany  letting go to pleasure and please your senses!
We offer: green teas, flavored green teas, oolong teas, rooibos teas, black teas, green decaf teas, black decaf teas , flavored decaf green tea, flavored decaf black teas, vegetable teas and herbal teas. For the preparation of tea you can use the handy accessories.
Different geographical origin, climatic conditions, soil , elevation, vintage, methods of processing, fermentation and drying gives each of our tea unique flavor.
Our teas are delivered with counsel to prepare. Of course, these are only suggestions based on our experience. Every lover of tea will prepare you tea according to personal taste. However, some basic rules apply always: tea is prepared with boiling water. To prepare the green tea water should boil and then let it cool down to the recommended temperature. Infusion of green tea can be used several times, thus reducing the bitterness of some varieties.
The general rule for the preparation of tea with the caffeine content is that if the infusion swelled to three minutes gives a stimulating effect and more than three minutes calming effect.
Adela Natural - Your world of tea!
Enjoy superior quality at an affordable price!
Your orders can be made through our web shop.

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